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Galaxy Candle

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Scaled up in size and sophistication, this four-wick sculpture candle makes a statement with its winding curves. It sets the mood while both lit and flameless. 

Our candles are measured, melted, poured, and finished by hand with our luxurious 100% vegan-soy wax.

Although you can burn them, your candle is best used for decoration. We recommend placing these dreamy candles on your coffee table, next to your jewelry plate, or on a shelf. 

All candles are scented, and they exude a slight scent even when unlit.

Color & Fragrance Combination:

  • Pearl - Vanilla Birch 
  • Sandstone - Lemon Verbena 
  • Toffee - Spiced Caramel
  • Rich - Georgia Peach
  • Slate - Peach Magnolia
  • Dew Blue - Cool Water
  • Olive - Baja Cactus Blossom

Share a photo of your galaxy candle aesthetics on Instagram and tell us, @lstlifestyleshoppe.


Galaxy Candle
Burning time is about 8-10 hours. You should always place the candle on a platter or tray while burning as the wax will melt across the surface.

10" x 10"

approx: 1.15 lbs 


** Color may slightly vary from images. Candles may have slight imperfections due to them being handmade. We will inspect the quality of each candle before packaging them for delivery. 

Color: Pearl